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I made two pies at once. I used store bought deep crusts, and baked them for 10 minutes instead of the directed 15+. I mixed the sugar and melted butter first, added and mixed the eggs, added and mixed in the vanilla, added and slowly mixed in the cocca, and finally added and mixed in the flour.

I used the amounts given in the recipe exactly. (just doubled) I had to bake these two for 52 mins. I am glad I used the Deep crusts, because the filling baked all the way up to the top of them.

I let them cool completely, then topped with coolwhip, and sprinkled the top with mimi morsels. They turned out beautiful and were awesome pies! This recipe is a keeper! *Update* I made this without melting the butter first and it ruined the recipe. Melted butter is a must!!!

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