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Create a Customized Grill Landing Pad

After we extended our patio in 2017 we realized that we had everything EXCEPT a {semi-}permanent home for the grill.

We didn’t want a patio that spanned the length of our home or anything that couldn’t be changed later if we wanted to.

In our previous home we extended our patio with pavers & let the grass grow in between for an English garden look & feel. We decided to use a similar technique to create this grill landing pad.

create a customized grill landing pad
Start with a plan.First I mapped out the space. Using the gazebo frame that we already had in place I measured the space underneath knowing that we’d add a roof to it later.

I gave my Mr. 2 options – 12″ pavers or 16″ pavers. We’d already nixed the idea of flagstone or or shaped pavers since we want a clean modern look.

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