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Creamy Peanut Butter Crinkle Cookies

Is there anything better than a good crinkle cookie? We love a good chocolate crinkle cookie and whipped up a batch of our favorite recipe, but we didn’t want to stop the fun there, so we decided to also make a good ol’ fashioned peanut butter crinkle cookie to go along with the chocolate. Peanut butter seemed like the natural choice to us for this cookie, since it adds richness and moisture – no dry, crumbly cookies to see here – and we were so pleased with the final result!
Stirring dough to make peanut butter cookies These are addictively delicious, plus, they just look so cute and crinkly with their dusting of powdered sugar. If you haven’t made crinkle cookies before, they’re actually a lot easier to make than they look. We used to think there must be something in particular about the batter or the method of forming that creates the crinkles, but it’s nothing to be intimidated by. It’s a simple recipe, prepared just the way we’re used to, with the combining of the dry ingredients and then the creaming together of the peanut butter, butter and sugar, and that’s just about it! You roll it in powdered sugar before baking, and then you’ve got a perfectly delightful crinkle cookie!

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