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Cottage Cheese Salad

There are retro dishes that at first glance might make you balk and I can admit that Cottage Cheese Salad is probably one of them, but it’s also one that you should give a little leeway in its appearance. See, this is the kind of quick lunch my grandma always relied on because it checked all the right boxes – it’s economical, a quick and easy protein-filled option, and it’s full of crunch and creaminess. So yeah, Cottage Cheese Salad might seem a little weird, I get it… but it’s a rock-solid reliable recipe no matter how dated it might seem.

First up, the base – there’s not just cottage cheese, there’s also some mayo and sour cream stirred in. You wouldn’t want to risk the cottage cheese not being creamy enough on its own, would you? But never fear, with that trio, it’s plenty creamy.

But there’s crunch too. Juicy tomato, sweet Vidalia onion, crunchy green bell pepper, and fresh cucumber are all chopped up and stirred in so every bite isn’t just about cottage cheese, it’s also about bright and vibrant fresh veggies. (Even if they are a little hidden.)

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