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Clothespin Snowflake Kitchen Cabinets Wreath

Glue Together
Glue TogetherGlue them together with your wood glue or hot glue gun and then you are ready to pain them

PaintOnce they are glued together and painted they will look like this.

Lay out the Snowflake
Lay out the SnowflakeAssemble them in sets of 8. Use your hot glue gun to make sure they are connected. I also used a little star on the middle to make sure they stayed glued and to hide the glue blob on the middle

Add an Ornament Hanger
Add an Ornament HangerNext, glue an ornament hanger that you will use to secure the snowflake to the wreath.

Attach Ribbon the the Wreath
Attach Ribbon the the WreathNext you will need a cheap dollar store garland. Bend it into the shape of a wreath and find some ribbon to hang.

Add Snowflake to Wreath
Add the Snowflake to the WreathPut it in the center and secure it.

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Snowflake Wreaths
HangNow is time strap your ribbon and hang them. To hang them I added a little hot glue to the inside of my cabinets, you can use a 3M hanging sticker too. I was working on a budget.



I just love how they look! They bring festive cheer to my kitchen for the holiday season and they were cheap and easy to make to boot!