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Strawberry Fluff Fruit Dip

Are you ready for the easiest, tastiest fruit dip around? Instead of something with whole marshmallows or packets of jello, we simplified our idea for a fruit dip and went back to the basics: cream cheese and marshmallow creme. Regular cream cheese doesn’t cut it here, folks, not this time. Strawberry cream cheese is what gives this dip is color and flavor, so don’t skip it! Use could just as easily use blueberry or mixed berry cream cheese if you wanted to take things in a slightly different direction, but trust us when we say that strawberry is the way to go.
Along with the strawberry cream cheese, the other star of the show with this recipe is the marshmallow creme. When mixed together, you get a light and airy dip that’s perfect for digging into with strawberries or nilla wafers – or whatever fruit-cookie combo works for you. One of the best parts about this dip, apart from being totally addicting, is the flavor balance between the two ingredients; the marshmallow offers sweetness without being cloying, and that sweetness is perfectly complemented by the tang of the cream cheese. Little bites of sweet strawberries offer a delightful pop of fresh flavor, so we think you’ll be just as on-board with this as we are once you try it!
Whether it’s for a potluck or a weekend family breakfast, you can’t go wrong with having a two-ingredient powerhouse in your recipe arsenal. You can throw it together in under five minutes, and it’s one of those super versatile recipes that works for just about any occasion – you’ll see!

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