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Chillax With This Chili Mac And Cheese!

I love to go for walks in October. The trees are so beautiful outside! You cannot deny that the North has beautiful foliage during that time of year! Oh my goodness, I could go on and on about the beautiful colors! The crisp air is also something that I love. I enjoy going for those evening strolls during this time of year because you don’t feel overly heated or anything! Just pleasant!
I have this ritual that on Thursday I will take my early evening stroll and walk to my friend, Patty’s house. We will usually have a meal together and some coffee. It’s sort of like ‘mom’s evening out’. Which I really enjoy! My kids are all grown up now so it’s kind of nice being able to do that! When they were little I did not have much time for myself!
The last time I walked over to Patty’s house she made something so simple and yet delicious! She told me that she was putting a twist on mac and cheese and on chili too! When I walked into her house I could smell something wonderful cooking in the slow cooker! This was the perfect meal to have after an evening stroll in the crisp Autumn air!
Recipe and photo credit courtesy of The Painted Apron.

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