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Chalkboard Easy Peasy

I had a blank space at the end of my kitchen cabinets and wanted to use the space for something cute. After some though I decided to create a chalkboard. I used this chalkboard paint to paint a cabinet end and make it personal to me. The surface was already rough, but clean, and ready to paint. I need easy and this was EASY! Just used tape to keep the wall clean. Two coats. And a Q-tip to clean up your writing. I wrote it out first and started in the middle for each letter. Still not perfect, but that’s fine with me. I love it!
chalkboard easy peasy
Here is the boring end to my cabinets. Crying out for cuteness! Let’s create a chalkboard!
chalkboard easy peasy
I got to work, I first taped the wall edge with masking tape. That blue painter’s tape would’ve been better, but i didn’t have any. I used two coats and have a lot left over!

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