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Ground Beef Patties

You are probably thinking, where’s the bun? But there is no bun here. These are hamburgers, more or less, but they’re so much more. First of all, they’re ridiculously flavorful — a savory seasoned patty of beef with a crisp crust and a buttery, beefy sauce to go with it. Second of all, they’re easy. And economical. They’re beef patties in the French style (sans bun) brought to you by Julia Child and they’re a brilliant way to use ground beef that feels a little more elevated than your basic burger.

First things first, you’re going to gently cook some onions in butter until they’re soft, but not browned. Take your time and give yourself about ten minutes to cook them slowly.

Once they’ve cooled a bit, you’ll add them into a bowl where you’ll mix up your patties. You’ll also want some ground beef, salt, pepper, thyme, an egg, and some softened butter. Why butter? Because Julia Child says so, that’s why. (She actually says that the best hamburgers are made from the leanest beef you can get and suggests having it ground for you or grinding it yourself. This way you end up with the best flavor, but can add some fat back in, like butter or even beef marrow.)

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