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Ceiling Light Update DIY Every Renter Will Be Glad To Know

Have you been plagued by this flush mount ceiling light that serves a purpose but is screaming for an update? The type most builders use because it is cost efficient but not pretty at all.

Yes, that one others have lovingly labeled as the boob light. It is a fair observation. You may have one or a few of this kind of ceiling light and not be bothered by it and that is great. If you belong to the other side of the spectrum and you just want to get rid of it and if you are a renter, there is a solution.

How to Upgrade light fixture in a rental

Renting your house or unit does not mean you are stuck with fixtures that are an eye sore. Rejoice renters! Here is what I did and you can do it, too.

I hunted for lampshades on my favorite online classified ads site and I found a person selling 3 lampshades for a price you cannot resist. I love finding great deals!

One was a drum shape lampshade and the other 2 were a barrel style. Since these were second hand items, there were a few dents here and there on the plastic lining. It’s negligible though.

I was planning to use one lampshade. But as I was staring at the shades relishing in my successful bargain hunt, I had an idea.

So the big idea was to place the 2 barrels loosely on top of each other.

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