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Cafe Latte’s Turtle Cake

I found this recipe in 2005 Midwest Living magazine. It has been on Cafe Latte’s Menu since 1985…Decadent, to say the least! Cafe Latte’s is located in Saint Paul, Minnesota. PLEASE read this NOTE: So many have questioned on the Coffee in this recipe…many of you don’t like coffee. It can be omitted by using just water, BUT..just so you know, you do not taste the coffee in this cake at all..coffee is only added because it enhances the chocolate cake and give it a very RICH chocolate flavor, it does not affect the taste at all. Do what you think is best for your situation, coffee or not…Enjoy this decadant cake!!
-I made this cake for a Birthday and IT was amazingly over the top good. It REALLY was wonderful & everybody thought it was too.
-Oh my word! I kept seeing this picture on the side of my facebook. I decided I just had to try it. Oh am I glad I did! My daughter curled up her nose when I was making it because of the coffee but nobody could taste it. It was soo good! As we were eating it I said I think this is a keeper I will definately make it again. Maybe for Christmas. My sister inlaws boyfriend doesn’t think we should wait that long before having it again. So I guess I have to have them over again for Sunday dinner real soon. I didn’t see the post about the caramel and setting up the layers separate so mine was really messy. I have another recipe that calls for adding a little flour to the jar caramel sauce. I think I will try that next time.3/4 c caramel to 1/4 c flour. Either that or make my own thicker sauce. YUMMO!! Thanks for posting!
-I have made this cake several times–it is surprisingly easy, very impressive, and wonderfully delicious. This cake recipe is moist on its own, but adding the chocolate and caramel puts it over the top. I make a recipe and a half of the chocolate glaze just because I like it super gooey and chocolatey! Took it to work and it was gone in a flash!

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