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Butter Bread

The scent of fresh bread baking in the kitchen has got to be one of my all time favorite smells. It’s so warm and inviting and hints at the flavor to come.

This butter bread gets its name from a generous amount of melted butter in the dough. This enriches each bite with a tender texture and rounded flavor.

In this recipe you get 2 loaves which is handy because you might need to have seconds or thirds of this tasty bread! The way this bread is made it turns out with a very tender texture inside and great crust on the outside. This makes it wonderful for toasting to have with butter, but also for sandwiches, too. It’s not unlike brioche in some ways, but there’s no egg in this recipe and it also takes a lot less time to make than brioche.

Unlike some yeasted dough recipes you don’t wake the yeast up with sugar and warm liquid before adding it to the other ingredients. Instead you start with room temperature milk and throw in the yeast, sugar, salt, and flour with it and then let it rise for 60-90 minutes.

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