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Broken Dresser Repurposed Into Beautiful Farmhouse Cabinet

The Hubs and I always have folks around here who donate old items to us. Like this dresser. It was missing drawers, and the three bottom drawers were in awful shape. But of course, we see potential in everything! I needed a piece for my living room to display family photos and trinkets. I knew this old dresser would make the perfect farmhouse cabinet. This is how the broken dresser was repurposed into a beautiful farmhouse cabinet!

broken dresser repurposed into beautiful farmhouse cabinet

The Broken Dresser Before

The dresser bones were in awesome shape. It was indeed real wood and had beautiful trim. Therefore, it was decided that we keep the trim and the two décor pieces on each side.

The first order of business was to gut the inside of the dresser. The Hubs so graciously assisted with this part of the project. All of the inside pieces were removed, including the old drawer frames.

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Purchasing Wood

We made a visit to our local salvage store, Storehouse Salvage. They have just about any kind of wood that you can think of, at discounted prices. The Hubs and I found spruce pine boards that would be perfect for our project!

This wood would be used for the back, the sides, the bottom, and the shelf of the broken dresser. It is important, especially if you are staining wood, that the wood be the same. I at one point was going to just stain over the sides since it was wood, but from previous experience, I saved myself a lot of headache by replacing the sides with the same type of wood. Staining different woods can cause major color issues. The Hubs chose 1x6x8 spruce pine boards.

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