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Bermuda BlendingTM Technique Step by Step

Hi! Thank you for looking at my post 😉 I’m an interior designer and the creator of this fun and amazing technique I called Bermuda BlendingTM Technique. I’ve done over the year amazing pieces with my technique and now I will love to share it with you ☺️ The Bermuda Blending technique it’s a fun way to play with different colors and textures that gives to any piece life and movement.
bermuda blending technique step by step
Basically, I chose a variety of 4 shades of blues, using brand names paint colors and also creating my own colors with the help of Pixie Dust Paint Company. Pixie Dust additives allows me to use any paint color I want mixing the liquid or powder with my flat finish latex paint and still maintain that chalk like finish that I need.. Or if you like to get the original colors for Bermuda Blending you can go to this link.. https://pixiedustpaintcompany.com/collections/workshops-classes/products/bermuda-blending-paint-spit-set
Bermuda Blending Original colors

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