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Banana Loaf in a Crock Pot

added by NIKKI SMITH
As an Diabetic, I try to recreate favorite foods so that I can eat them. This recipes is a recipe we gotten years ago from a friend, it so easy and moist. Plus it doesnt heat up the whole house.. Now I can have Banana Loaf all year round..
-Hallelujah, my bread came just the way it was so supposed to! 😀 Can’t tell you how happy & relieved I was when the time was up & it had cooled enuff to remove it frm the pot…came out looking just like Nikki’s 😉 🙂 Guess I worried for nothing lol I cut a sm slice to make sure the flavor was okay & it was fine, not overly sweet at all. Hubby tried it 2day & said that it was good just didn’t have a strong banana flavor for him. Since my crock pot is a bit on the sm side it was difficult to get the PT’s in right, which made the bowl sit even higher & when the bread rose it touched ’em & stuck just a bit. So the top part doesn’t come out as dark as the rest? Or is it supposed to? Mine didn’t, which is fine, was the color you normally think of banana bread, I guess.
-Dang it! I’m in the middle of making this, i.e. all the ingred’s are in the bowl ready to be mixed. But when I went to put the metal bowl I have, that I thought would fit, in2 the pot it fits really tight & doesn’t sit on the bottom. I sure hope this isn’t gonna be a problem. Also I am using reg sugar & read up to pg 9 to see how much to use, Nikki had said 1 c, so that’s what I threw in the bowl but now going back thru the notes looking for any hints on the bowl insert issue (hoping that sum1 had also posted the question) I see that several times ppl had said its equal measuremt. Oh boy, I don’t think this gonna come out but I sure will let u kno 😉

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