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Apple Slice

The craziest thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. My sweet little five-year-old scampered onto a big yellow school bus with his oversized backpack and a big smile on his face. On his first day of school, he was so ready and so excited to begin the adventure known as kindergarten. When three o’clock rolled around, and with it the school bus, my son stepped off the bus – this time with a shell-shocked and just plain exhausted expression on his face. When I asked him how his first day went I got the classic “I dunno, it was okay.” As we slowly walked home I thought, oh no, did it go badly!?

When we got home the first thing my kindergartener said was “can I have a snack?” A few minutes later his snack was all but inhaled and he was back to his bouncy, happy, and very talkative self. Apparently, he had an excellent day. He was just hungry.

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