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WOW Crispy Cheddar Chicken !

Just as the title says crispy and tender!Love this recipe and I didn’t change a thing!Only thing I did do was loosen the skin a little to sprinkle the seasoning right onto the meat.I will make this again and again!Thanks for the recipe.

I’m making this for the third time in two weeks! The first time I made it as directed, and it was perfect! The whole family loved it. I did follow others’ advice and doubled the amount of seasonings though. The second time I used skinless breasts because the thighs had so much oil and I thought it might be just as good with less fat. It wasn’t bad at all, but not as good as with the thighs. This time I am going back to the thighs, but since there is a lot of “juice” on the cooking sheet with thighs, I am going to use a roasting pan instead, and add quartered baby golden potatoes and peeled baby winter carrots half way through the cooking time. The spices are perfect for this. About 15 minutes until done I am adding chopped sweet yellow onions.

I will come back and post a photo and results if I am able to add that later. Update: Okay there wasn’t much room left for the carrots and potatoes. I piled them up on one end of the pan after rolling them in the juices, and when the chicken timer went off I removed just the chicken. I turned the oven up to 485 and roasted the veggies in the juice until done. It was delicious!

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