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Apple Monkey Bread

Monkey Bread is one of those classic childhood treats that I will never outgrow. I first made it in middle school Home Ec class and it was truly love at first bite. It’s typically made with canned biscuit dough and baked in a sweet buttery sauce, often in a bundt pan. I’ve made many flavor variations over the years like Orange and Snickerdoodle, but one of my all-time favorites is this Apple Monkey Bread. It’s still super simple, but gives the dish a delicious seasonal twist. If you need a new fall treat give this recipe a try!

Instead of the standard butter biscuit dough, this recipe swaps in cinnamon roll dough for a little extra flavor. Two diced apples are softened in the microwave for a few minutes before being tossed with the sliced dough bits. The mixture is transferred to a cake or pie dish and then an easy sauce made from melted butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon is poured over the top of everything. Pop it in the oven for about 25 minutes and get ready for your kitchen to smell incredible.

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