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A Beautiful Brick Porch in One Weekend

I stenciled my front porch to make it look like brick and I love it! It took one weekend and it was totally worth it!

(for the in-depth tutorial please visit my blog www.somethingpaintedwhite.com)

how to turn your front porch made of concrete into a brick porch made

I’ve always been drawn to brick, brick floors, brick roads, brick walls, brick houses…the list goes on! I just love brick so I decided to make my own brick porch! (No bricklayers were hired for the making of my brick front porch!) 🙂


The first thing I did was give it a good cleaning…and by that I mean I hosed it off. No scrubbing, no concrete cleaner, none of that, just an inexpensive power sprayer and a long hose!

The only supplies I used were


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