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8 plants that’ll protect you from mosquitoes for good

I love sitting outside and enjoying the hot summer days turn into cool summer nights. What I don’t love is getting noshed to pieces by mosquitos. Short of covering myself from head to toe (which decidedly makes enjoying summer weather a little less enjoyable), it feels like I have no choice but to suffer.
Fortunately, there’s a simpler solution: Plant a few of these flowers and plants in my yard and watch the bloodsuckers disappear. As an added bonus, these plants look pretty. Pretty landscaping and a mosquito deterrent? Yes, please! Check out these eight plants that will help keep your backyard oasis a mosquito-free zone.
1. Lavender
This pretty purple flower offers a fun way to add a splash to your backyard. It smells nice (to human noses) but deters mosquitos, fleas and flies, according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac. Keep mosquitos away by putting satchels of dry lavender in your clothes drawers.

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