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3 Ingredient Cloud Bread

If you haven’t already heard of it, cloud bread has become a great choice for those looking for some gluten and carb free bread substitutes (gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye). It can also be sugar free, although some recipes add honey, brown sugar, or stevia -a sugar substitute – but none of those are required for the finished product. Food allergies and intolerances have affected many of us, so it’s nice to have recipes that are simple and delicious to serve up as comparable options to many of our favorite foods. Believe it or not, gluten free products, when done well, actually taste great, so much so that we hardly miss the original ingredients!

Cloud bread is actually super versatile. We’ve tried it on its own, but we really wanted to put this new “bread” to the test to see how it would stack up to some of our fav carb meals. A range of classics were explored: PB&J, BLT, even a pizza version. And we’re actually a big fan of avocado-toast as a light meal or snack, and so we gave it a whirl on our cloud bread. Sure, it’s not quite like the original, but when you’re looking to still feel “normal” when making significant diet changes, it’s important find ways to achieve those beloved classics but with a bit of a twist.

Clouds are nebulous white puffs, beautiful and ever changing shape-shifters. But enough of the poetry…we like to bring those clouds down to earth and into our ovens. Light and fluffy cloud bread is a great alternative to our usual fare. For fitness or diet reasons, choosing foods that are lower in carbohydrates and glutens have real health benefits. We have several friends with gluten allergies, which have prompted significant changes in their diet. And because we love to feed family and friends, finding great recipes to accommodate those needs while still maintaining great taste is super important. So for those of us that still love to have bread, but want or need to minimize some of it’s main ingredients, then cloud bread is the answer.

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