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11 Signs You May Have a Zinc Deficiency

2. Sleep troubles
Lack of sleep is a terrible thing with lots of downsides, including weight gain, lack of focus, less positive thinking, and increased risk of injury. So, you’ll want to fix this pronto, and you can with some extra zinc in your diet. According to research, zinc helps to produce and regulate the sleep hormone melatonin in the body, so a lack of it can cause insomnia or disturbed sleep. Studies have found that taking a zinc, magnesium, and melatonin supplement can greatly boost your sleep quality.
3. Diarrhea
A zinc deficiency can affect the body’s immunity, which we’ll talk more about later, but when your immune system is weak, diarrhea becomes more of an issue. This can lead to a higher chance of contracting bacterial infections – including E. coli. This is especially prevalent in children, but the good news is that zinc has been found to fantastically treat babies six months and older. Do note that you should never give a supplement to a baby without asking their doctor first!
4. Hearing issues
Believe it or not, lacking zinc can cause you to experience hearing problems. A study found that 12 in 100 people who experience ringing ears – a condition known as tinnitus – are also suffering a zinc deficiency. Meanwhile, other studies have shown that hearing loss can be treated better with zinc than with steroids! This is likely due to the fact that zinc has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help cochlear health.

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