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Your Not Going To Find Higher Quality Amish-Inspired Chicken And Noodles Anywhere Else

When my very good friends moved to Pennsylvania, I was devastated. I didn’t think l would ever see them again. It was something that they had to do in order to thrive and grow together, so I was supportive of their decision as a good friend should be. My husband was tired of seeing me mope around the house after they left, so it was only a couple of months before he planned a trip for us to go and see them. He kept it all a secret from me, and I was so shocked I started to cry. I couldn’t pack my bags fast enough when he told me that we were going on a little road trip to see the people I missed so much.

While we were there, we had so much fun. In just the few months that they had been gone, they learned their new surroundings and had so much to show us, including some of their favorite new restaurants.

One of those restaurants was actually run by Amish cooks. They had a noodles and chicken dish, just like this one from NeighborFood that I could have eaten the entire time I was there. I know that the next time we go back, I’m requesting another trip to that location!

Just like the Amish are known for living a simple life, this is a simple recipe. There are only three ingredients required (four if you want the butter, which I highly recommend) and it’s slow cooked for hours to perfection. You aren’t stuck slaving over a hot stove for hours to get a quality meal on the table. I’ve had this kind of noodles with chicken at various restaurants, but those don’t even begin to compare to the flavor you will get out of these. Amish-inspired dishes are meant to be made at home. They are super affordable, terrific tasting, and you will have enough to serve a small army when it’s done!

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