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You Won’t Be Skipping Breakfast When This Is On The Table

My parents always made breakfast casseroles for Christmas morning. That was pretty much the only time we ever had them. As a result, I thought that to be the only acceptable time to make them for my family. Until one year, in the middle of the summer, when my husband asked me about it. He was missing that breakfast casserole meal that he enjoyed so much on special holidays. I didn’t really have an answer for why I didn’t make them at other times.

Instead of trying to come up with one, I just made one up. It was still cool that morning, so it wasn’t a big deal turning on the oven. I probably wouldn’t do it at dinner time, but when it’s cold enough, these can be served up any time of the day. I used to use my parent’s recipe, but now I use this one from Relative Taste.

It’s very similar to what I remember, but there are a few tweaks that just really top it off and do the trick. I am so glad my husband asked about it, because now we can have this all the time!

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