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Betty White’s Chicken Wings

Review 1

These were so great! We absolutely LOVED them! we love wings, and we usually stick with the hot stuff, but these are definately a keeper. i did cut back to about 1/3 of the soy sauce, because a little of that goes a long way with me (because of the salt) but i didn’t change anything else. i can’t wait to serve these the next time we have company. they were sticky, tasty, gooey, tender.

Review 2

These are very tasty and also very easy to prepare I am taking them to a “snack” party this afternoon and we will do the test then. I’m sure they will be as popular as most of the recipes I make from ZAAR.

Review 3

Lennie, these have got to be the most delicious wings I have ever tasted. Actually I have made these a few times but try not to over due as the fat content but I’ll tell you it is worth every calorie! I made 5 lbs with other appetizers and every one of them were eaten and there were only 4 people! 5 Stars & 2 thumbs up! Thanks

Review 4

The best wing recipe ever!! I have never had wings that were this flavorful! I have made these several times and I always put them in a ziploc bag and marinate them overnight with chopped onion and 6 smashed garlic cloves, I like to add some red pepper flakes and ground ginger to the sauce when its cooking. Wakes up the flavor a little bit. My wings are marinated as I type. I can’t wait to eat them tomorrow! Oh and they are great with rice and frozen stir-fry vegetables. Thank you so much for posting this unforgettable recipe! 🙂

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