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Wine Bottle Wall Vase Decor

Make a beautiful blue wall mounted wine bottle vase for your home.

What was the inspiration for this wine bottle wall vase? At Christmastime, we were getting a tree, and the store we got it from had small pallets behind it.

We asked if we could take a couple and they were happy to give them to us to not have to deal with them.

I can’t even remember which project I used it for, but I still had one nice piece left.

It seemed perfect for a backplate for a wine bottle wall vase, which is inspired by this one from Shanty Chic and thought I’d give making that a try using a pretty blue wine bottle I had.

This was one of the easier projects to make.

wine bottle wall vase decor

What Not To Do:

Don’t use a bottle with a wider neck. It won’t fit properly into the collar.




Remove the wine labels first. They might need to soak for 24 hours since some types of labels come off much more easily than others.

Fill a tub or bucket with warm water, and out the wine bottle in it.

Let it soak a few hours and try peeling it off. If it doesn’t come off cleanly, your better bet is to let it sit overnight.

Warm up the water a couple of times if you can.

Note: For our wedding, which you can read about here, we needed to remove the labels from 24 wine bottles.

I tried just about every method and each had varying degrees of success.


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