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Updating A Builder Grade Mirror The Easy Way

This project is sponsored by Mirror Chic, however, the thoughts & opinions are always my own. I only share products & companies I absolutely love with yall!

Upgrade your boring bathroom mirror the easy way with a frame kit from Mirror Chic

Mirror mirror on the wall how do I make you the fairest of them all?

Y’all we are knee deep in our latest bathroom renovation & this next project has me pumped up!

Every bathroom renovation I have done has one thing in common, the boring builder grade mirror gets a makeover & this one is no exception.

Except this time I chose to do it the easy way! I ordered a framing kit from Mirror Chic & this is absolutely my favorite mirror upgrade to date!

  • SuppliesMirror Chic Framing Kit
  • Clean Rag
  • Measuring Tape
  1. ProcedureFor this bathroom I am going with a clean neutral look with beadboard walls & a dark vanity (eventually). So I hopped onto the Mirror Chic website & ordered a couple sample frames that I thought would fit my look. They arrived super quick & I ended up going with the 2” black smoke.
updating a builder grade mirror the easy way

After I picked out the perfect frame I measured the existing mirror using the Mirror Chic Measuring Guide. Basically you need to know the mirrors length, height, & distance from surrounding walls. Simply enter in the dimensions on the Mirror Chic site & they ship the frame right to your house!

Once the frame arrived I laid out all the pieces on a fluffy blanket to ensure nothing would be scratched while I assembled the frame.

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