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And this version took less than 40 minutes Start to Finish! Success when in a Bind! Tried it and it was wiped out! But was in a huge hurry, so… I mixed all the ingredients in the mixer, placed it in a huge microwave casserole bowl (glass) and heated it for about 7:00 minutes-paused half time to stir. (I used Hormel canned smoked ham also) Cut the French bread in bite size pieces for appetizers, spooned the Mississippi Sin on the sliced bread. Put it in the hot oven (400 degrees for about 5 to 7 minutes-watching not to burn) Then turned it up on broil to brown the top and edges of French bread a little. It was eaten quickly at our neighborhood Christmas party! and because it was not baked in the bread, the mixture went a lot further than I thought. I still have enough mixture to make at least 3 more makings of bite size appetizers. It does need more color, so if I do this again for a party I may top/sprinkle with chopped black olives or parsley. Start to finish time less than 35 minutes! and we all would still give it 5 stars for taste! Bonita – (Brandon, Mississippi – Woodlands of Castlewoods)

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