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Upcycled Outdoor Planter

Supplies Needed:

  • 2 sets of shutters 60-72″ tall
  • Corner Braces
  • Black Cap Screw with Hex Nut (This set is perfect for a dark color)
  • Drill
  • Drill Bits
  • Mitre Saw (This is the one I use)
  • Safety Eyewear– get some cute ones!
  • Tape Measure
  • Treated wood for shelf

Begin by marking the center point of your shutters.

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Cut shutters in half using a mitre saw. My shutters were 72″ so the center was 36″.



Now take the shutters and make a box, checking to make sure all 4 pieces line up.



To attach the sides together, drill a hole in the corners making sure you go all the way through both pieces.



I used Vinyl spikes that came with the shutters, you could also use large screws. Attach all 4 sides.



Now screw corner braces into the shutter planter as shown above.



Cut a piece of wood to make a shelf to put your plant on. I used an old cabinet door that I cut to size. It’s a great way to use some leftover wood.



Here is the planter finished. I had the large silver screws on hand, if you do not plan on painting your planter you would want to use dark screws or spray paint the screws so they do not stand out.



Add a nice large plant to fill out your planter.



When I took the planters to the lake house I decided they needed a pop of color so I simply spray painted them navy with rustoleum spray paint. If you decide to paint your planters make sure to use a paint that works on plastic. I put yellow mums in them for the fall…. amazing!



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