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Weight Watchers Breaded Chicken Cutlets

What’s for dinner tonight in your kitchen? If you’re looking for an easy recipe for dinner tonight, you’re going to love this recipe for breaded chicken cutlets Italian Style. It’s a recipe I grew up on!
Actually, I think every kid from Queens grew up on this recipe. We actually had breaded Italian style chicken cutlets at least once or twice a week and then again if my mom made chicken Parmesan.
In fact, whenever I make this recipe for dinner, I always try to make extra so I can make Chicken Parmesan a few days later. Both recipes are easy weeknight meal options for my family.
I’m sharing a recipe that was originally posted awhile ago on the blog. This recipe for Chicken Cutlets Italian Style is a family favorite recipe. Add a side dish, a salad and you have an easy meal to serve to your family. My son, Michael, loves chicken this way and will usually request it when he is home from college.
The secret to great chicken cutlets is to start out with boneless chicken breasts and slice them through the middle to butterfly them and make them thin. If I’m having a good day, I’ll get maybe three slices out of one chicken breast. I like to also pound them even thinner using a meat tenderizer.
After you have butterflied the chicken cutlets, place one chicken cutlet at a time on your cutting board, I always put wax paper down first. Cover the cutlet with another piece of wax paper and then using the meat tenderizer, pound GENTLY.

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