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Classic White Texas Sheet Cake

The humble sheet cake. I really can’t say enough good things about them. They’re made from scratch, but super easy. Transporting them couldn’t be more simple (no layers sliding around here). And you get a WHOLE lot of cake! When I need to bring dessert for a crowd, sheet cakes are my go-to! We’ve made quite a few variations of the sheet cake over the years, but today we’re bringing it back to basics with this vanilla White Texas Sheet Cake.

It’s a bit unclear just how this cake was dubbed “Texan” sheet cake. While there are different theories out there, I’ve always thought it might be because everything is bigger in Texas… and this recipe would be no exception! With an entire *pound* of butter between the cake and the frosting, this bad boy is as rich and indulgent as it gets. I typically cut mine into 16 servings, but that’s serving up a pretty hefty slice o’ cake. You could easily go with a more modest sized slice and get 20 or 24 slices. Everyone might have to come back for seconds, though!

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