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Creamy Blueberry Pie Fudge

You know what we absolutely love to make every summer? Blueberry pie. Or blueberry crisp. Or really anything with blueberries in it. Like this blueberry pie fudge! Yup, we skipped basically all the classic ingredients found in traditional fudge, and instead went with a white chocolate version that lets our fresh blueberries sing. Blueberries whose flavor is brought out even more with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, sweetened condensed milk and white chocolate…those are the main elements here and the final result is just bliss. You guys, this stuff is so, so good – don’t skip it!
If you haven’t made fudge yet, or feel like it’s intimidating to get those smooth, dense squares, don’t worry, this is basically a fool-proof recipe that you can’t mess up. And you know what? Even if you do, this stuff is so ridiculously good that it doesn’t really matter how it ends up looking…the flavor is what we’re going for, and the adorable marbled look is just the cherry on top of how great it tastes!
First, you’re going to make a bit of a blueberry lemon cornstarch reduction that’s going to bring the “blueberry pie” component to this fudge. You’re going to whisk those ingredients in a small saucepan until they thicken up, which is going to help make the fudge thick and creamy, then most of that reduction is going to get swirled into the fudge before it gets poured into your baking dish. Whatever is leftover will get swirled on top, making a pretty, marbled pattern, and then you’ll be good to go! Let that bad boy set up, then slice it into squares and boom! – your blueberry pie fudge is all set, and man we can’t get enough of it….

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