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This Is What Sitting Too Long In The Same Position Does To Your Body

Brain, neck, and shoulder issues.

When you move your body quite often, there is a constant flow of blood and oxygen through your brain and it helps you to maintain clarity and to keep your body sharp. So, when you sit for a long period of time, there would be no such flow of blood in your brain and that can hinder your ability to think clearly.

Moreover, when you keep on bending towards the computer screen, it affects the cervical vertebrae, which connects the spine to your head and you will get pains around your neck. The poor posture that you maintain by leaning over a keyboard for hours can also damage the back and shoulder muscles as they can be over-extended.

Back problems.

Most of the people suffer from back pain, inflexible spines, and disk damages and the actual reason for this is the maintenance of the incorrect posture for a prolonged time.  When you move around, the soft disks between vertebrae in the spine expand and contract resulting in moving blood and nutrient. So, when you sit too long, the disks become uneven and compact and that may even cause collagen to build up around tendons and ligaments.

Muscle degeneration.

When you sit for too long, your ab muscles will not be used and when they go unused, it can cause swayback or the unnatural over-extensions of the spine’s natural arch. It will also decrease the flexibility in your hips and back.

The glute muscles can also become soft when it is not used for a long time and can hinder the ability to take strides and keep the body stable.

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