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T bone steak with onions!

T-Bone steak sautéed with onions is a quick and easy steak dish that you can prepare for dinner. Aside from T-Bone, this dish can also be made with other beef steak cuts.

I encourage you to use leftover steaks for this recipe; that is what I did with my leftover T-Bone steak. I usually prepare my steak medium rare because I like it tender and tasty. Medium rare steak is best for this recipe because there is a slim chance of overcooking the steak, which can make the meat dry and tough. Here is a quick guide on how to cook steak. Use this as a reference because it portrays the basic steak recipe.

Try this T-Bone steak sautéed with onions recipe. Let me know what you think.

Steak is seasoned with Weber steak seasoning and cooked stove top in a hot oiled CI skillet for about 4 minutes on each side then 5 more minutes in a 400° oven. Perfect medium steak (steaks were about an inch and a fourth thick)
I sliced an onion, add a dash of salt and pepper then into the skillet to carmelize after I’ve removed the steak to rest.


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