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Summer Fruit Salad with Mint & Limoncello

This my all time favorite fruit salad. the fresh mint and the Limoncello add a wonderful addition to your summer fruits. I promise you will love it. * I keep the Limoncello in my freezer. It always nice and cold. Also good as an evening sipper on a hot summer day.
-Dinner Saturday night was complete success and everyone wanted the dressing for the fruit salad. I’ll never make another fruit salad without using this recipe. I added bananas at the last minute, too, because I had ’em. Would also be good with Fuji apples and ripe pears added. The lemon keeps all from turning brown. I don’t drink but there’s no alcohol taste at all. Thank you so much for a definite keeper. Now I gotta go find other recipes to use my Limoncello!
-Nadine! Our family lived in Fairfield from 1982-1997. One of my best friends still lives there & the other lives in Milford. I also have some family in another suburb. We are originally from KY & moved back in ’97.
Pinched this great sounding salad! Thanks for sharing!
-I’m with Marilyn Norman, no alcohol in my house, when recipes are posted it’s so helpful to have a substitute suggested, Some of us just can’t do alcohol in our food or anything else. I have natural lemon flavor for my sparkling water so I’ll try that. Looks yummy.

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