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Southwest Chicken Salad

My husband and I love spicy foods, so I made up a chicken salad recipe that really pushes the envelope on Southwest flavors! It’s such a great change from the traditional chicken salad sandwich.
-I made this chicken salad tonight and it’s really tasty. I removed the seeds from the chipotle pepper to decrease the heat and only used one chipotle pepper. Otherwise, I made this chicken salad as directed — we thoroughly enjoyed it. Nancy : )
-Oh, hey, I 4got to post that I made the sandwiches ystrday for lunch. Served them on a Mexican type roll, which I grilled & topped w/the grilled pineapple rings. Def have to have enuff pineapple to cover the whole sandwich, if not more to help curb the heat lol The flavors go so well 2gether! Thnx for the tips Kat 🙂 I bought an avocado ystrday, so I’m gonna try it w/that nxt. My only question is how do grill avocado? I didn’t even kno they were grill-able bc they’re such a delicate fruit.
-So I’ve gotta ?…I just noticed that when comparing my salad to the pics posted that mine has so much more color than the others! To me its almost like the chipotle/adobe sce wasn’t used in those recipes bc the adobe in the kind I use is a vry deep red. Is there another version that I’m not aware of? (plz refer to the pic I shared)

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