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So Easy Homemade Beer Cheese

This recipe came from one of my mothers cook books from the 70’s. Not a detailed as today’s cookbooks, but wow, this recipe was so great and simple. Made it with store bought shredded cheese (GROSS), then used block cheese, and it made all the difference! I use 2 cheeses, and people go crazy for it. Amazing how simple it is, minus catching your fingers in the cheese grater. 🙂 Promise you will love!!!!
-I made it for a professional women’s group I belong to, thinking it may not go over so well, but was amazed by their reaction. For some reason, women love beer cheese… 🙂
-Ooooh…I just finished making this. I know it is supposed to sit for a day but I could not resist a small taste. If it tastes this good now, tomorrow it will be incredible. I made half of the recipe and it filled a large quart Mason jar.
Thank you for a great recipe!
-Pre-shreaded cheese makes a horrible consistency. I tried it as a shortcut and was really disappointed. So Anne’s comment about putting the cheese in the freezer is an excellent idea and will make the grating so much easier.

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