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Small Entryway Makeover

Sherwin Williams Dromedary Camel

After researching and scrolling through Pinterest one afternoon, I decided that denim blues and whites would coordinate well with the wall color while brightening up the entryway space at the same time. My budget was small, so the plan was to use as many items I had around the house. I rounded up a few pieces that I thought would work. A few months back, I purchased several old windows. They make such unique decor pieces! I had this large one that was still in its original state. The chippy patina was gorgeous! I measured the wall space, and it would fit perfectly. You can see how I gave another old window a makeover. This decor piece has been part of my staging furniture stash for almost a year. I purchased it from the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby. I think I paid $2.99.

Hobby Lobby Decor Piece

The small chalkboard ornate piece I found at Goodwill for $1.99. I also found the “Home Sweet Home” square decor for .99 cents and the white “W” was .49 cents.

Thrift Store Decor

The cotton stems in the galvanized metal container I have been using for almost two years. It would work perfectly with the other items.

Cotton Stems and Galvanized Can Decor

The white candelabras were handmade and given to me for a gift my last birthday, as well as the faux succulent (I do NOT have a green thumb haha).

Candelabras and Succulent

The only thing that I purchased new was the area rug and the decor pillow. I am not one to purchase used area rugs or pillows from the thrift store. The printed blue wall decor piece came from Hobby Lobby for $8.00 (after 50% off). I did not have any blue decor pieces in my stash! After discussing the area with the Hubs and what wood he had available in his shop, he assured me that he had the supplies to make a small entryway table. He had some old wood in his stash that we used for a desktop. It is such beautiful wood!

Beautiful Wood

These legs were also in his scrap box stash. We had found an old table on the roadside one day, and whoever threw it away cut the legs so that the table would be shorter than an average kitchen table. I think it was used as a child’s craft table because of the paint and color crayon marks. The legs would be the perfect height for an entryway table because they were 26” (see why we save everything). You can see at the bottom of the leg where they were cut.

Roadside Table Legs Saved

Now to constructing the table. The Hubs first removed the long screws from the legs.

Removing Large Screws

The pieces of wood that we are using were 1x8x8 and had to be cut down to 4’ long x 7.25’ wide.

Cutting Wood to Length

The Hubs constructed a base for the tabletop. He constructed the base for the bottom from a piece of scrap spruce. For the rails of the base, the pieces were cut to a 2x2x8 using his table saw.

Base Construction

He cut the length of the pieces to 37.25” long. The short pieces for each side were cut to 6” long from a piece of the 2x2x8 and screwed into place.

Table Base

He also added small braces on the bottom for extra stabilization. He screwed from the bottom of the tabletop to add it to the base.

Center Pieces on Bottom

Tada! The Hubs is AMAZING!

Table Completed

The wood that for the top was so beautiful. For this reason, I added a coat of Polycrylic to protect it. No paint or stain (yep you heard me say that). See the difference?

Polycrylic Applied

I gave the legs a good cleaning. I then painted the base of the table with Dixie Belle’s Cotton (a bright white). It took two coats of paint.

One Coat of Paint

Once the paint had completely dried, I used a piece of 220-grit sandpaper and distressed the legs and the sides.


To seal the base, I applied one coat of Polycrylic with a paintbrush. Now to put everything together. I opened the front door and placed the table where the door would not hit the side of the table when opened. I centered the rug with the table.

Blue Rug

I placed the decor pillow underneath the table. The galvanized can with cotton stems was placed on the side to add a little height from the floor. I placed the remaining items on top of the table and moved them around until I was happy with where each piece rested. This is a matter of preference.

Decor on Top of Table

Lastly, I added a small finishing nail into the center of the wood window and attached the white floral decor piece. It already had a hanger on the back. I then centered the window over the entryway table and hung it with a gorilla hook.

Window Decor

I can’t believe how adding whites and blues really brightened up the entryway. It is now warm and inviting. The cost was minimal because I used items that I currently had on hand (except for the rug, and pillow which cost me $25 for both from At Home). The main attraction, the gorgeous table that the Hubs constructed, is absolutely perfect. The Hubs did an awesome job upcycling pieces he already had in his stash!

Entryway After

The project has really made a huge difference in our little space!

Entryway Table

I love the way my small entryway makeover turned out! Always try and use what you have on hand. Just like this small entryway makeover, this is a great way to save money when decorating. Refreshing thrift store items is a great way to save money. If you do purchase home decor from Hobby Lobby, make sure it’s when the item is on sale for 50% off, even if that means waiting a week!Remember:”It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it will be.”Christina