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Sinfully Sensational Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Casserole

Who loves making breakfast casseroles? I do! I love making them because other than the fact that they save me some time most especially when I have to deal with two adorable grumpy kids in the morning and one playful husband who teases them. I swear I need to stop him from doing that. He just loves teasing my boys in the morning when they actually got the morning grumpiness from him.

So anyway, this little family of four loves eating breakfast casseroles just because you can put anything in the casserole that you know your family will love so it will surely be a hit!

My cinnamon roll casserole recipe came from my own mom. When I was a kid, she told me I love cinnamon so much I almost sold our house just to get a box of it. I didn’t want to ask how that happened because I am sure it will embarrass me, but you get the drift.

Because of my cinnamon addiction, my mom made a recipe out of grandmother’s cinnamon roll recipe. My husband loves having these in the morning because of the sugar rush. It’s also good with his morning coffee and you can actually see how coffee and sugar can brighten up his day.

My sons love these too. I just always make sure they don’t really stuff themselves too much because it’s sweet. A copy of the recipe for this sweet breakfast casserole can be found on the next page!

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