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Seafood Mac and Cheese

When you have a best friend who’s feeling under the weather and her favorite food is seafood… what do you make her?  You make her this cheesy and comforting Seafood Mac and Cheese!

Yesssss! I thought long and hard on what I could make that would be extra extra special for my dear friend Rhonda. I couldn’t think of anything more comforting than mac and cheese surrounded by a bunch of local shrimp and crab meat… SCORE!

Rhonda is such a sweet and selfless person, when I told her I was making this she replied, “Please don’t go out of your way.”  I replied, “Ummmm RHONDA I have a freakin’ food blog and my job is cooking which I LOVE!”  🙂

We met when I started working at a local surgical center in 2012 and we immediately became friends on my first day of work.

Last weekend was my birthday and Brian and I had a party celebrating moving into the new house.  The best present ever was her presence and being able to spend time with my friend.  We were even gifted with a beautiful rainbow right after she got here!

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