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A Sunday Morning Tennessee Tradition: Dutch Babies!

Imagine that you are laying in bed on a Sunday morning. You glance at the clock and you have almost an hour before needing to get up for church. You think about pulling the covers back up over your head but then you smell a sweet aroma. What is this little bit of paradise that is invading your nostrils? You smile and you realize that you are smelling the familiar aroma of Tennessee Dutch Babies! But wait…you are the one who makes breakfast…who the heck is in your kitchen cooking?!

Hopefully, it’s your husband or a helpful child who wanted to surprise mama and not a weird intruder who enjoys making his victims breakfast before burglarizing them. LOL

Anyway, have you ever had Dutch Babies? They are quite delicious! You can top them off with just about anything that your little heart desires like fresh fruit, syrup, whipped cream, jam or jelly…anything! And get this, they are EASY to make and only require 5 ingredients. Simple ?

Before meeting my dear friend Erin I had never heard of Dutch Babies. I love their name! If you’re a fan of pancakes you will be a fan of Dutch Babies. Man, if this is the type of food they make down in the Hills of Tennessee then I must go there to live. I’ll have to seek clearance from my husband first who I am pretty sure is quite partial to Pennsylvania and will not sign off on this endeavor just so I can eat Erin’s Dutch babies. Thank goodness her recipe is easy to make ?

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