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Apple Fritters

Have you ever made fried apple fritters before? Don’t be intimidated because this recipe is so simple to make at home, and like my popular donut holes, it require absolutely no yeast or rising! 

Apple fritters are somewhat sweet, tender, and fluffy, and are absolutely packed with flavor. Dip them in a 3 ingredient apple cider glaze or roll them in cinnamon/sugar and enjoy! 

Recipe includes a simple step-by-step video (at the bottom of the recipe) to walk you through the process of making your own apple fritters.

It’s finally, officially, Fall so I hope you’re prepared for lots of apple and pumpkin recipes (and if not, what do you want to see!? Send me an e-mail or leave me a comment and let me know!). We’re kicking off the season with one of my favorite Fall treats: Apple Fritters.

These apple fritters are made yeast-free with a batter that’s essentially a thicker version of my buttermilk pancake batter. The best part of this is that there are no long, impatient bouts waiting for the dough to rise before you can fry your apple fritters, just mix up the batter, heat up the oil, and go!

Just… go with caution, because hot oil is no joke. Be careful about gently lowering your batter into the oil without creating a splash. I have a burn on my hand because I became a little… overzealous… with my own frying.

To Make this Recipe You’Il Need the following ingredients:

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