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British Sausage Rolls

There’s nothing quite like a pasty or a dumpling- brimming with a rich and savory filling. And, the Brits have perfected this concept with their iconic sausage rolls.

These simple treats are packed with sausage and it perfectly compliments the casing of buttery dough. While variations on the dough exist across the British Isles the easiest way to make them at home is by using frozen pastry dough sheets. There’s really only a few steps to make this emblematic recipe.

While the pastry dough is thawing you can work on the filling, which is simply browned sausage with some seasonings added in. Dijon mustard, Worcestershire sauce, and just a splash of Tabasco sauce help to deepen the flavor of the sausage.

The most classic version of this recipe uses beef sausage but you can use turkey sausage or even vegetarian sausage if you’re trying to cut back on beef. It’s such an easy and delicious pairing that the recipe can accomodate some substitutions – and still be 100% delicious.

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