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Seafood Loaded Potato Pan

When I was about 9, there was this local seafood restaurant my family and I would frequent. Don’t worry. You know I’m not a typical blogger so this lil story will be brief. Anyway, the restaurant was called Louisiana Gold. There has never been a more appropriately named establishment. This place was indeed golden! The always had the freshest, Louisiana seafood. They made home style burgers, po boys, and perfectly seasoned boiled seafood. But, they were most famously known for their seafood stuffed potatoes. And boy were they OVER stuffed! Each potato was flowing with shrimp, crawfish, and that spicy cheese sauce. Man! Louisiana Gold unfortunately closed many years ago. I miss that place. I miss it so much I decided to recreate my version of that masterpiece. Here’s my Seafood Stuffed Potatoes recipe.

You have to have some big, healthy baking potatoes. They aren’t sold in 5 or 10 lb bags. Most grocery stores have them shelved separately and sell them by the pound. If not, just make sure you get the biggest, russet potatoes available.

You have two options. You can bake these guys in the oven for nearly an hour. Or, you can do what I do. Throw them in the microwave! Microwaves vary, so look for the potato setting on yours.

Clean the potatoes well. These things grow in the dirt, so they can be pretty dirty. Whether cooking in the conventional oven or the microwave, you’ll still need to poke small holes into the potatoes for venting. This will prevent an explosion. It will help the potatoes steam better and cook more evenly.

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