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Sausage Cream Cheese Crescents

These are so good and simple. I sometimes with even add a cup of sharp cheddar cheese to the mixture. Either way, it is superb!
-Made these for football watching and they disappeared FAST! Everyone loved them and I especially loved how easy they were to make!
-I made this for a recent neighborhood get together. The crescents were very easy to make. The only thing I did extra was brushing the roll ups with butter before I put them into the oven. They are best straight out of the oven, but they were still good after cooling. All the neighbors enjoyed them. This recipe would be good for a football party or any event requiring finger food or appetizers.
-These sausage rolls are so good, you can’t have just one. They’re fluffy, flaky crescent rolls wrapped around a creamy and cheesy sausage bite. These are a savory appetizer, but they’d make a delicious breakfast treat too. Bonus, they are super simple to prepare.
-As to keeping them warm? Years ago I bought a Salton Hot Party Server or Pizza Warming Tray off Ebay. It’s from the 1970’s, and has a great retro design. I use it to keep warm appetizers warm.

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