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Research Finds Popular Nut Reduces Cholesterol Better Than Statins!

Statins are a class of drugs often prescribed to patients with high cholesterol levels. While statins are effective at lowering cholesterol levels, they can also cause numerous adverse effects including memory loss, confusion, digestive problems, muscle pain, digestive problems, and liver damage.
However, according to recent discoveries, there is a safer and more natural method to reduce cholesterol levels and this method causes no side effects.
Study finds Brazil nuts can reduce cholesterol levels better than statin
Ten men and women received a single meal containing zero, one, four or eight Brazil nuts, and a single serving of these nuts immediately improved the cholesterol levels, while after 9 hours, these levels were significantly reduced.
On the other hand, statins need 4 days to provide a significant effect.
One month after the study, researchers measured the cholesterol levels of participants, and they found that the cholesterol levels were still lower, even 30 days after the consumption of a single serving of Brazil nuts!

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