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Repurposed Changing Station

I purchased this vintage changing station from Salvation Army for less than $4! I immediately knew I’d repurpose it into a potting bench. This was the first project using a saw without my husband’s help. I was intimidated, but after a few cuts I was at ease and ready to knock this thing out!

repurposed changing station
The StartI had been eyeing this piece for several weeks at Salvation Army as the price kept dropping. Finally I walked in one day and it was marked down to $3.75! I knew I had to have it. As soon as I got the piece home I envisioned it as a potting bench. I immediately got to work.

Create a Blank SlateThe first step was removing the changing pad and particle board. This was extremely simple as they were not secured. Now I was left with a blank slate. I took some measurements and headed to my garage to see what I could find in my scrap wood pile.

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