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The response was wrapped in a kind of regular cake, and it was called red velvet. Because among its ingredients is a red food dye that gives it a dark red or velvety red color, and this cake comes in the form of layers covered and decorated with special frosting, or vanilla cream and sugar, and in this article we will learn about its ingredients and how to prepare it.

* Ingredients :

°The cake is two and a half cups of white flour.

° Half a teaspoon of salt.

° 2 cups of liquid milk.

° 2 tablespoons of cocoa gentlemen.

° Half a cup soft butter.

° 2 large eggs.

° A cup and a half sugar.

° A teaspoon liquid vanilla.

° A teaspoon white vinegar.

° 2 small spoons of red food dye.

° A tsp sodiuum bicarbonate.

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