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Taco Meatloaf

– This sounds really good. I have been making this for years. I serve with re-fry beans on the side and taco salad. I also split my meatloaf in half down the middle. Put shredded cheddar in the middle then seal well around the edges. Spread a small layer of salsa over top and bake. Then add a little shredded on top when I take it out. It of course melts. It’s really good this way too. I have also added the cheese and re-fry beans in the middle. Just a little. I made a small well from end to end. Figured I would share with you. You may want to try it this way too. Will try like yours though. Never put tomatoes on top like you said. Love tomatoes so will enjoy that way too.
– I’ve never left a comment but I feel I need to for this. Your recipe looks simple and great and I plan on trying it. As far as what to do with the ground beef, you have to be kidding me. I think my answer to that would have been to stick it in your ear. And is that a taco shell big enough to hold a 2 lb meatloaf in the picture? Give me a break. This lady took the time to post a wonderful recipe and some of you hens picked it apart. Surely you can’t be that dense. Hang in there, Holly. Congratulations on your blue ribbon.

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