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Pumpkin Pie Dump Cake

Long-time readers will know that, while we love just about any good dessert, we especially love desserts that seem like they required more effort to make than they really did. Whether it’s layer cakes or bars that turn out so impressively, but really were a breeze to throw together, or something mousse-like that has people assuming it took 17 egg whites and 4 hours to make, when really it came together in 30 minutes, these are the desserts that we turn to again and again, knowing we’ll have a winner every time.
All that aside, a dessert’s gotta taste great no matter what, which is what makes this pumpkin pie dump cake a no-brainer for us this time of year. While it’s a dump cake in the fact that you sprinkle your dry cake mix over your wet ingredients and then top it all off with pats of butter, but what’s extra special about this pumpkin pie dump cake is that it stays beautifully separated as two distinct layers: pumpkin pie and pecan spice cake. Yum!
Not only do both layers taste amazing, but they blend together to create one amazing flavor that had us hooked from the first bite. With this recipe you end up with a finished result that’s always packed with flavor and never dry. If you can’t find boxed spice cake mix, that’s fine, just use yellow or vanilla cake mix and add in extra pumpkin pie spice – it’ll still taste amazing, don’t worry.

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